Interview Series: Nine Questions

December 3, 2017

In this unique episode, while two Scrubs are away watching the World Weightlifting Championships, the remaining Scrub asks nine questions to a group of Oregon Weightlifters. Their responses are then read aloud for you, the listener. Enjoy!


Episode #10: Change

November 25, 2017

The Scrubs bring you a heartfelt episode dealing with the changes happening in their weightlifting lives as Kara and Drew are now unattached lifters. This may also be the most bizarre of episodes as one of the scrubs raps a World Championshp preview, and random questions are asked. 


Interview Series: Josh Walters

November 24, 2017

Josh joins us for a fantastic conversation about physical therapy, his weightlifting journey, and so much more. Get out your Midori notepad and Uniball 207 ultra micro pen because this one is loaded with information with some great stories in between!


Interview Series: Shane Sevcik

November 23, 2017

Our first WORLD CHAMPION joins us on Between Lifts! What an honor it was for the scrubs to be able to train and have this one of a kind conversation with... drumroll please.... SHANE SEVCIK! 


Interview Series: Tali Zabari

November 19, 2017

Between Lifts along with guest co-host Thais Lee had a fantastic conversation with Tali Zabari today! Tali is team captain of the Vulkan Weightlifting Club as well as so much more. Listen in and hear a little bit of her story!


Episode #9: Heart

November 11, 2017

Like the title says; the Scrubs discuss what the heart of Weightlifting means to them, as only they can. 


Interview Series: Mira Kwon Gracia

November 9, 2017

Join us Between Lifts as we have the pleasure of presenting to you Masters National Champion, and athlete representative for the state of Oregon, Mira Kwon Gracia! 


Episode #8: Pizza and Weightlifting

November 9, 2017

Your favorite Scrubs order their favorite pizza and talk community in Oregon Weightlifting, the upcoming world championships in Anaheim, and much, much more. 


Legends Series: Tom Hirtz

November 2, 2017

Tom joins us for a memorable episode, recounting his experiences, as a coach, a lifter, and a man who has made weightlifting his life. 


Episode #7: Balance

October 29, 2017

The scrubs gather around the jerk blocks to answer questions, talk balancing work and lifting, and Chelsea weighs in, despite having to leave her cozy abode.